Walking into 2020

The word “Walk” to me means so many different things. In this year of 2020 I’m going to WALK with new confidence that means not being afraid to take up space, WALK into the calling God has over me and my life, WALK into the unknown of what’s to come, whether high or low’s believing and trusting God that He already knows the outcome, WALK into peace and protecting my peace/space. WALK also to me means my health, I’m at the highest weight I’ve ever been and all the weight is taking a toll on my body which makes me feel awful. I’m not overly committing myself to extreme workouts or diets (because I’ve literally tried them all since I was like 10 #seriously) what I am going to do is to challenge myself to WALK more, meaning taking the stairs between office floors at work, or parking further away from the building whatever it takes for me to get more “steps” in a day. I’ll see the benefits of this in my body in due time, but for now I’m just taking extra “steps”.

I’m so excited for this year, and it really has been off to a great start but I’m also nervous about the rest of this year because I have no idea what I’m “WALKING” into – but I do know I serve a God who has “WALKED” into rooms I haven’t even been in yet, and whatever happens I’ll be surrounded by God’s presence through it all. 

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19


What’s your “word” for 2020? If you haven’t thought of it yet, that’s okay too – it’ll come to you. I mean it did take me almost 2 full months to pick my word for the year! 🙂

Outfit details (Similar pieces): Sleeveless Utility Vest, Striped Sweater, Skinny Black Pants, and Taupe Booties

Where My Single Ladies?

Can you believe I use to dread Valentine’s Day? I definitely don’t hate it anymore. I’m as single as they come and if I’m being honest, I’ve never been in a relationship. like ever. I use to think it was because I wasn’t skinny enough or pretty enough, but I know those are all lies and I hate that it took me years to figure that out. I KNOW MY WORTH. I remember telling my friends that when I turn 30 I was going to consider checking myself into a nunnery, but here I am at 32 and my friends are still telling me to give it one more year.

It doesn’t help that I live in the south and I should be married with 2-3 kids right now. I’m telling you when I graduated undergrad in 2013, pretty much half my class was engaged or right on the brink of being engaged. Talk about frustrating!!

I’ve learned to embrace this season of “singleness” and know that God’s timing is the perfect timing, but I’m still human and struggle with being “alone”. I use to question God with “when is my time”. Ironically God fills my schedule with things to keep me busy and in that I’ve learned to practice self-care, work on my goals, and do the things that I love like growing my community here and working in my church. Knowing that if I were married, I couldn’t focus my attention on all the things I’m doing now. That will be a new season filled with new things that will need my attention.

…and Ya know, if it happens, it happens, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. What I do know is that I don’t have to be in a relationship to do all the things or to feel loved – I can do all the things and I have a tribe that loves on me. To get through the “month of love” on a positive note I mail handmade Valentine’s Day cards with CONFETTI to friends, because Valentine’s Day is not all about loving on your spouse, significant other – its loving everyone around you no matter what (and eating all the candy)!

So chin up buttercup and let’s paint our lives in red and pink, and do all things in LOVE! P.s. buy your own flowers, take yourself out to eat, buy yourself some jewelry, and be dressed up while doing it! Because fast forward you’ll be wishing you embraced this season a little bit more.

God has so much instore for you and He has the perfect guy for you (and for me) out there and when He feels as though we’re ready, He’ll reveal our soulmates to us at the perfect time. I like to think that I haven’t been in a relationship because God is saving me from a heartbreak and ya know what? I’m okay with that because He’s a good good Father!

The Holiday Season

As we approach the Holiday season and the closing of 2019, I wanted to hop on to share my thoughts and opinions on this time of year. For me the Holiday season is my FAVORITE time of the year, but it also brings some sadness as I have lost loved ones and friends, and their not here to celebrate. I also know and remember that this time of year is very hard for so many of my friends, and family who’ve also experienced loss. To be honest, I have my moments where I grieve the loss of my grandparents because they were a HUGE part of my Holiday celebration through family gatherings. I also know that they too loved the Holidays just as much as me, and so I have the chance to carryout their legacy and make the Holidays fun for my family.

It’s just something about the Holidays that puts an extra pep in my step, especially if it’s super cold too (I’m a Mississippi girl, but I love the cold/snow). I love the hustle and bustle that seems to come from this time year, from busy stores, to even at work as we prepare for year-end projects and events. I love gift-giving, and large gatherings, and seeing old faces come around during this time. It truly is the best time of the year. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize you don’t need the biggest tree in your home, nor do you need to spend TONS of money on gifts. What matters most is the time spent with family and friends, and of course yummy winter-y foods. I love going to church to hear and sing Christmas songs, seeing all the pretty Christmas decor, listening to encouraging sermons on the real meaning of Christmas, and seeing little kids in their fancy outfits. I love seeing fireplaces burn, Christmas candles lit, Christmas lights twinkling on every corner, and Hallmark/Lifetime movies. All of these things puts a huge smile on my face.

I love to see strangers be kind to each other, seeing acts of service of people volunteering at local kitchen communities and shelters. I too love serving in any capacity I can whether it’s stuffing a box, Christmas caroling, or taking someone something warm to eat or drink. I love sending Holiday cards, and handwriting notes on the back to mail to my loved ones and friends to receive. All of these things cost little to nothing to do. When it comes to gift giving for my family and friends, I aim to be very practical in my giving. I observe the needs and wants from them so that I can give the best practical gift to avoid just “accumulating” stuff, or the idea of giving a gift, just to give a gift (if you know what I mean). I encourage you to really think about your gift-giving this year, and put some thought into your gift. For example, my mom LOVES Chick-Fil-A chocolate milkshakes, so more than likely her gift will be a gift-card to Chick-Fil-A with a note from me about my love for her as my mom, and that I love her just like she loves her milkshakes. See? Practical gift-giving can be so fun but also very special.

Lastly, because someone close to you may be having a difficult time this Holiday season, know that the most important thing that you can give is time. Take them their favorite coffee or meal and sit with them for awhile. Give encouragement, let them vent to you, give hugs, take a small plant, or write them a letter to let them know that you are thinking of them during this Holiday season. I get it, life is hard, and sometimes some seasons can be very uncomfortable, but what we can do to combat life, is to be a light to the world for all to see. Not only will it heal your sadness, but you will be helping to heal someone else’s sadness. God has equipped you for everything you could ever need, lean on Him during this Holiday season, the new year, and the days to come my friend. Trust the magic of the Holiday season and new beginnings Xoxo

Would love to hear your thoughts on the Holiday season, or your plans to make it a thoughtful time below in the comments!

Black Booties – Fall 2019

I’m so glad Fall is here so I can break out all of my boots, praise! From a flat boot to boots with a heel or wedge, black boots can take you from 9-5 and everything in between. I’ve linked a handful of my favorites in LIKEtoKNOW.it- check these boots out and start adding to you cart babe! Xx

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#WorkWear Tuesday Weekly Roundup

Hey gorgeous babes! I’m here to show you some #workwear that I’ve fallen in love with over the past week. Each week I’ll try to provide my weekly roundups of #workwear. Don’t let #workwear scare you – today I’m going to show you some pretty fun #workwear!

Even if you don’t work in a business casual setting, these pieces you can still incorporate into your current wardrobe. These pieces can take you to special events, dinner, photos, date nights, etc. so whenever I mention #workwear don’t fear – you can totally find something that you’ll LOVE!


This week these totally sleek pieces stuck out to me by the fit, prints, and prices! Shopping does not have to break your wallet and these pieces will stand the test of time by its quality. I’ve selected some pieces from Loft, Eloquii, Dillard’s, and J.Crew Factory and nothing is over $100!

Tip: if something is full price, but you really want it – just save it and check back in a few days because it is bound to go sale! Trust me! 😉 I really think you’re going to find something you like! Cheers!

Shop my weekly roundup of #workwear on LIKEtoKNOW.it 💃🏾

Demand Attention!

Do you demand attention? You should! You have the power in you to demand attention when you walk into a room, at work when you’re giving a presentation, etc.

You have a voice, use it! Its hard to demand that attention when you lack confidence in yourself, and I admit I STRUGGLE in this as I work in a corporate field. But when you have confidence in yourself, and you know your worth – your presence should demand the attention of others in the room. Not in a obnoxious way, but your presence is valuable, and you are worth it! No time to hold back, or let your thoughts and ideas be overlooked by others! So I’m challenging you, (and me) to walk into your confidence when it comes to demanding the attention you deserve, or voicing your ideas or concerns in a positive tone when needed. The world needs more confident and strong women to be seen and heard! It may take a couple trial and errors, but each time you stand up for yourself it’ll get easier and easier. P.s. You got this babe!

I love this dress, but I also love the name of it, “demand attention” because this dress is an “attention grabber” and it’ll remind me every-time I wear it – to demand attention. 💃🏾

You’ll love this dress and all the things over at Paisley Grace Boutique! They offer such on trend pieces at the best prices and offer sizes up to 3x! Here’s the link to this dress, Demand Attention.

6 Fun facts about Me!

I’ve shared some fun facts about me over on Instagram, and Facebook so I wanted to share here on the blog in more “detail” about my fun facts! You’ll have to be sure to let me know if we share the same facts – so be sure to comment below!

  • I LOVE to dance but I have ZERO rhythm! My friends talk about me all the time because there is no shame in my dancing skills, and if there is good music playing – oh, I’m dancing!
  • I’m a HUGE Dance Moms Fan! Like it’s legit my guilty pleasure. I’ve been watching it for years, and I will still binge watch old episodes on the weekends with no shame. Maybe I’m a fan because I grew up in tap and ballet, but my mom wasn’t a crazy dance mom. Lol I love watching the dance routines and looking for technique skills. I love the drama and my favorite line from Abby Lee Miller is “save your tears for the pillow, sweetheart”.
  • I listen to Christmas music year-round. Yep, you read that right – it’s always Christmas wherever I am. It could be soft Christmas jazz music or the full blown out “Last Christmas” belting loudly in the car or at my apartment. Christmas is my favorite, so to my future hubby (where ever he is) get ready because our wedding will totally be held in December.
  • I’m a really picky eater! Like, BAD! I don’t like mayo, ranch, sour cream, cream cheese, those funny salad dressings that are not Italian (ps I love OLIVE GARDEN’S salad dressing and buy it by the bottle). I don’t do office potlucks at all, I only eat my moms or my sisters chicken salad (but I cannot watch them make it and add mayo). I like to try new foods, but I have to ask what’s in it before I try it.
  • I participated in High School choir, and competition choral choir at my local community college. I love every aspect of the choral area from technique to song selections. I was first soprano back in the day, but more in between soprano/alto now.
  • I’m a 2 on the Ennegram chart – which is “The Helper” and if you know me it shows daily in my actions. If you’re interested in finding out your ennegram type, click here. I would love to know what you’re number is!

Ok, folks that’s it! I’ll share some more fun facts later, so be sure you’re subscribed to be in the loop on all my postings! Thanks for reading, friend! Have a great day! xx

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My First Blog Post

Pull up a chair, cue the confetti and let’s have some fun!

Hi Friends! I’m so glad you’re here. Creating my own blog page has been on my to-do list for the past year and I’m so excited that it’s here! Stay tuned for more updates this week as I get acquainted with this new space. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates. Again, I’m so glad here! xoxo

About Me

My name is Nicole, I live in Jackson, MS, 32, work at a law firm in the field of Human Resources as the firm’s Employee Engagement Specialist. I love people, and working in HR allows me to connect and engage with people. I have an undergrad degree in Paralegal Studies and a masters degree in Leadership with an HR concentration. I also most recently received my SHRM-CP (Society of Human Resources Management) certification in July 2019.

When I’m not working or serving at my local church, you can find me here at Lelia’s! My late grandmother, Lelia loved shopping and making people feel at “home”. Because of my grandmothers heart for shopping and loving on others her spirit has inspired me to continue to do the same!

I love a good deal, and I love unique findings so you will always find posted the latest sale somewhere! I also love empowering women to be there best self. Growing up I struggled with my self-esteem (and later anxiety) and walked through that journey for many years alone because I was too scared to speak up. I finally spoke up and got some help through therapy and medication. SN: If you’re walking through the same just know sweet beautiful friend, I get it and I’m here for you!

I hope you continue to follow me on this journey of fashion and inspiration! To those who have been following and supporting me from day one, THANK YOU! To those who have just joined, WELCOME!