6 Fun facts about Me!

I’ve shared some fun facts about me over on Instagram, and Facebook so I wanted to share here on the blog in more “detail” about my fun facts! You’ll have to be sure to let me know if we share the same facts – so be sure to comment below!

  • I LOVE to dance but I have ZERO rhythm! My friends talk about me all the time because there is no shame in my dancing skills, and if there is good music playing – oh, I’m dancing!
  • I’m a HUGE Dance Moms Fan! Like it’s legit my guilty pleasure. I’ve been watching it for years, and I will still binge watch old episodes on the weekends with no shame. Maybe I’m a fan because I grew up in tap and ballet, but my mom wasn’t a crazy dance mom. Lol I love watching the dance routines and looking for technique skills. I love the drama and my favorite line from Abby Lee Miller is “save your tears for the pillow, sweetheart”.
  • I listen to Christmas music year-round. Yep, you read that right – it’s always Christmas wherever I am. It could be soft Christmas jazz music or the full blown out “Last Christmas” belting loudly in the car or at my apartment. Christmas is my favorite, so to my future hubby (where ever he is) get ready because our wedding will totally be held in December.
  • I’m a really picky eater! Like, BAD! I don’t like mayo, ranch, sour cream, cream cheese, those funny salad dressings that are not Italian (ps I love OLIVE GARDEN’S salad dressing and buy it by the bottle). I don’t do office potlucks at all, I only eat my moms or my sisters chicken salad (but I cannot watch them make it and add mayo). I like to try new foods, but I have to ask what’s in it before I try it.
  • I participated in High School choir, and competition choral choir at my local community college. I love every aspect of the choral area from technique to song selections. I was first soprano back in the day, but more in between soprano/alto now.
  • I’m a 2 on the Ennegram chart – which is “The Helper” and if you know me it shows daily in my actions. If you’re interested in finding out your ennegram type, click here. I would love to know what you’re number is!

Ok, folks that’s it! I’ll share some more fun facts later, so be sure you’re subscribed to be in the loop on all my postings! Thanks for reading, friend! Have a great day! xx

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My First Blog Post

Pull up a chair, cue the confetti and let’s have some fun!

Hi Friends! I’m so glad you’re here. Creating my own blog page has been on my to-do list for the past year and I’m so excited that it’s here! Stay tuned for more updates this week as I get acquainted with this new space. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates. Again, I’m so glad here! xoxo


About Me

My name is Nicole, I live in Jackson, MS, 32, work at a law firm in the field of Human Resources as the firm’s Employee Engagement Specialist. I love people, and working in HR allows me to connect and engage with people. I have an undergrad degree in Paralegal Studies and a masters degree in Leadership with an HR concentration. I also most recently received my SHRM-CP (Society of Human Resources Management) certification in July 2019.

When I’m not working or serving at my local church, you can find me here at Lelia’s! My late grandmother, Lelia loved shopping and making people feel at “home”. Because of my grandmothers heart for shopping and loving on others her spirit has inspired me to continue to do the same!

I love a good deal, and I love unique findings so you will always find posted the latest sale somewhere! I also love empowering women to be there best self. Growing up I struggled with my self-esteem (and later anxiety) and walked through that journey for many years alone because I was too scared to speak up. I finally spoke up and got some help through therapy and medication. SN: If you’re walking through the same just know sweet beautiful friend, I get it and I’m here for you!

I hope you continue to follow me on this journey of fashion and inspiration! To those who have been following and supporting me from day one, THANK YOU! To those who have just joined, WELCOME!

Move Ya Body

Hi Friends! Y’all the #Quaratine15 is real! And unfortunately due to the extra pounds triggered my blood pressure to rise. Yikes! My numbers were a little scary and I was faced with BP medication in my hands ready to be taken back in July, until I did a little research and found that the medication was not a good fit for me. So I decided then that I wanted to try to lower my blood pressure on my own terms. High blood pressure runs on both sides of my family, so I did prepare myself that I may have to get on medication, maybe, maybe not – we shall see. So although I don’t cook with a ton of salt, I did start to look at it more carefully and started to cut back also taking a closer look at processed food and looking at the sodium.

Yall may have heard me talk about YouTube at home workouts and I did a couple of those during the week such as a fun hip-hop workout (I actually have learned a little rhythm over the quarantine season – Lol) and a 1-mile workout video was fun. I did that for a couple of weeks, but then shifted to taking a walk outdoors early in the mornings before I had to come back home and log in to work remotely. I started off just telling myself to try it for 2-days out of the week. Fast forward to 3 months later and I’m working out 5 days out of the week and I actually look forward to doing some. There have been some days where I didn’t do my best workout or hit the snooze too many times and had to skip that day and instead of beating myself up from it – I told myself “try again tomorrow”.

I also try to go two days out of the week where I eat no meat, unless it’s baked fish or shrimp and that’s been really fun to come up with different recipes or meal planning for those days! I took my blood pressure every other day and my levels have been so good and not high like back in July. My doctor has been super impressed and has encouraged me to keep trying every day and she held off on writing me another prescription and would like to see me back in the office in about 3 months just to be sure. With these little steps it has not only lowered my blood pressure, but it has been great for my mental health. I have more energy and I enjoy breaking a sweat! I haven’t lost a ton of weight, and that’s not my high goal for the moment – I’ve found in the past when I attempted to workout I focused too much on the weight and then a month later I would just quit. So this time I’m keeping my blood pressure numbers on my mind and if the weight falls, it falls. I know that I will always be a curvy gal and I definitely don’t want to lose my curves, but I love being in charge of my health – especially in these times.

I want to share a few tips on how I’m attempting to beat a burnout, and then after that I’ll share some fun workout tunes that hype me all the way up!!

  1. Buy cute workout clothes, but start small. Maybe a pair of leggings one week, and then a cute top the next week or the next month.
  2. Find a cute pair of sneakers – I just purchased a new pair and I love them! It definitely puts an extra pep in my step.
  3. If you’re working out from home – switch up your routines or workout videos. Add your own workout music to it too.
  4. If you’re taking your workout outside – switch up the scenery every so often
  5. Use the time that you’re walking or jogging outside to brainstorm projects for work or for your home
  6. Take a phone call with a friend to keep your mind occupied
  7. Give yourself lots and lots of grace. You don’t have to get it right all the time and you certainly don’t have to do what the next person is doing. This is your journey! Do what makes you feel good.
  8. Take baby steps – start out with working out once a week and increase based on how you feel.
  9. Treat yourself often whether that’s fixing yourself a hearty breakfast or getting your nails done every month.
  10. Don’t compare your story with anyone else! Do this for you!
  11. Switch up your Workout Tunes!

Now, here are just a few of my favorite fun workout tunes I like to listen as I workout:

Ain’t About What You Got – Star Cast

Better (feat. Yo Gotti) – Meghan Trainor

Just Fine – Mary J. Blige

Laugh Now, Cry Later – Drake

Lean On (feat. MO & DJ Snake) – Major Lazer

Like A Girl – Lizzo

Roar – Katy Perry

Savage Remix (feat. Beyonce) – Megan Thee Stallion

Super Bass – Nicki Minaji

Survivor – Destiny’s Child

Lose My Breath – Destiny’s Child

Good As Hell – Lizzo

Work from Home – Fifth Harmony

Don’t Start Now – Dua Lipa

What are some ways that keep you motivated to move ya body? Share in the comments and we can all be inspired!

Stay safe and well my friends! xo

Nighttime Skincare Routine

Hi Friends! I wanted to share my nighttime skincare routine especially now with the wearing of masks on a daily basis which sometimes for me causes little breakouts. The past 6 months of working from home has been great for my skin to breathe from the daily wearing of makeup and a great opportunity to work on some trouble areas on my skin – like some dark pigmentation on my forehead. I still wear makeup maybe once a week and sometimes once every 2 weeks it’s so crazy how times have changed, but I love it!  Let me tell you it’s not too late to start working on your skincare. It’s important to work on your skincare at night because that’s when your skin really does all the magic while you’re sleeping. So, let’s dive into my nighttime skincare routine. Also to note I follow 3 simple steps: Cleanse, Treat, Seal the Deal with Moisturizer.  Disclaimer: It’s taking me a few months to come up with a routine and you honestly have to put in the work and give yourself time to allow the products to do what it needs to do. My skincare routine may not work for your skin, but maybe one of the products that I do share will fit into your own skincare routine. Just to note: I do have combination skin and tend to get oily on my forehead and nose area. I do have slight sensitive skin but I’m not overly sensitive.

Here is my oh so glowy face before jumping into bed aka – my favorite part of the day!

Here are all the products I use each night. Some nights I skip at least 2 but I’ll explain how often I use the products under each product.

Step 1: TAKE IT ALL OFF! The Kiehl’s cleanser at night is heaven sent! It’s the 2-1 and affordable price point for me. At $22 this cleanser will remove all of your makeup along with excess oil, dirt, and debris. It’s great for Normal, Dry, and Sensitive skin. Great if you have skin care concerns from oiliness, dullness, and uneven texture, and acne and blemishes. It feels amazing and won’t let your skin feeling tight and dry.

Step 2: After I cleanse my skin I follow up with the product that I’ve used since high school, the Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion! Not only is it gentle, but it packs a huge punch! It’s a gentle, medicated liquid exfoliater that reduces excess oil and shine, mattifies your skin’s appearance, and it helps to unclog your pores! It’s great for Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily skin. Just take a cotton pad pour some on your pad and swipe your face and neck with it. Price point: $17.50 – I don’t use this product every night, unless I’m experiencing some breakouts but I do use it every other night after I cleanse my face.

Step 3: Another favorite Clinique product, the Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel is one of my new favs since Quaratine. I’ve been having more blemishes due to mask wearing so every night I will dab just a little of this on every single bump it dries clear so you don’t have to worry about seeing little tiny rings. The directions say to spread it all over your face but I don’t recommend it – just squeeze a little bit and dab it on your blemish. The price point is great at $27.50 that will last you for MONTHS!

Step 4: This is an added thing I’ve added to my skincare routine but I’m trying to work on some pigmentation issues on my forehead so I’m using the Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum that I use on all my dark spots and it’s been 2 months and I’m just now seeing the “brightening” affect. That’s why it’s important to give your products time to work. Also when it comes to this kind of treatment you need to be 100% consistent don’t even skip a day. This is a little pricey but worth it. It is on sale for the moment so run!

Step 5: My favorite part! This Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Facial Mist! After I treat my skin I then spray this mist, the rose petal over my entire face to seal everything in. It smells so good and so refreshing.

Step 6: The Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Oil is also another favorite! I don’t use this every night but I do use it once a week added to my nighttime skincare routine after I cleanse and treat my skin. This is magic in a bottle yall. If your skin is very stubborn or you have tons of breakouts of mini bumps after two nights of using this oil you will see a huge difference in your skin. Sephora puts it as “An anti-aging night serum that hydrates skin overnight for a smoother-looking complexion and a radiant glow come morning.” It’s pricey but again you will love it, your skin will love it, and it will last you a few months! I rather spend on my skincare because that’s super important to me over makeup.

Step 7: Last but not least one of my fav moisturizers! After I finish my skincare routine if I feel like I need an extra boost I’ll use my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. There are some nights where I don’t treat my skin and will just cleanse and then jump straight to this step. This moisturizer is also great for the daytime as well. It’s free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and carbamide and in return will deliver long hours of hydration! It’s great for Dry, Normal, and Combination skin. It will also help with Dryness, and Dullness and Uneven Skin Texture.

Bonus: I forgot to picture but don’t forget your lips! Here is a list of my favorite lip balms and masks:

Here’s to healthy + glowy skin! What’s your favorite skincare product drop it below.

*Please note: This blog posts contains affiliate links and at no cost to you I do receive a small commission in return of your support for shopping my links.

Spilling The Tea on Cato’s Denim

Hi Friends! I’m spilling the tea today all about Cato’s Fashion Denim! I’ve partnered with Cato’s to share my favorite pair of jeans from their brand. You may recall last year, I shared some of my favorite denim from Cato’s which were the jeggings. Well this year I decided to try and share the boot-cut style! I am in love with the boot-cut style, and partially because I have not owned a pair of boot-cut jeans in a few years! Keep reading because I’m spilling all the tea on Cato’s denim!

Wearing a size 16P in Cato Jeggings!

If you have not shopped Cato’s – one, you are missing out and two, here are a few reasons why I love shopping with Cato’s:

  • Everything is super affordable. You can find a great pair of jeans for under $30 easily! You can find tops as low as $12! Not only that Cato’s carries accessories such as handbags, jewelry, hats, belts, and shoes.
  • Cato’s is size inclusive! Starting with junior/misses sizes XS-XL, 2-16 and Women’s Plus sizes 14W-36W – which means everyone can shop and feel confident in Cato’s!
  • I love that Cato’s designs majority of their clothing in both regular and plus sizes. If you see something in regular but need another size you can still get that item in your size – seriously the best in the size inclusive area.
  • They also have petite sizing! Petite regular and petite plus (which is perfect for this shorty gal here – I’m 5’0)
  • They have straight, flare, wide, skinny, boot-cut, jegging denim styles! Also, they have denim in high-rise and mid-rise.
  • Cato’s has improved their fits on select denim for the best! Select denim is made with recycled plastic bottles – like how cool is that?
Which is your favorite style?

Below are a couple of ways how I styled my Cato boot-cut denim!

You will love your boot-cut jeans styled with this gorgeous animal print blouse available in regular and plus sizes!
Fun tip: I love paring my boot-cut denim with pointy toe heels or booties to elongate my legs even more!
You can shop this gorgeous blouse in regular or plus! The smock detail and the ruffles get me every time I look at this blouse.
If boot-cut is not your thing, that’s okay! Cato has 6 additional styles to choose from!
Make sure you add some fun + bold earrings to complete your Cato look!
Here’s to Fall thanks to Cato’s keeping me looking good!

If you haven’t given Cato’s a try, I hope you will this Fall! Whether safely from your home shopping online or visiting your local Cato’s store. I have shopped my local Cato’s store and they are taking all the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe, just don’t forget your mask! Now let’s talk denim. Let me know in the comments which is your favorite style of denim or if you’ve shopped Cato’s before!

*Please note, when you shop my links on my blog or through LIKETOKNOW.it I do earn a small commission at no cost to you! As always thank you for supporting me so that I can continue to bring all the latest deals to you!


Y’all! I can’t believe it’s been one year here in this space! It has been a full year of hard work, determination, passion, and lots of love. It’s also been a full year of partnering with some of my favorite brands to date and sharing all the things with you guys here on the blog. I definitely wouldn’t have made it this far without Jesus and so many of you who believed in me. I have SO much work to do still, and so much more to learn about being an influencer and blogger but I’m here and I’m ready to step into another year of growth and goals!

The name Lelia’s, is named after my late grandmother, Lelia. Growing up I loved going shopping with her in the small town of Kosciusko, MS and the many days of flipping through Spiegel’s and JCPenney catalogs at my grandparents’ home. My grandmother loved shopping, new clothes, hats, and the epitome of southern hospitality (hence “Lelia’s Southern Charm”). Through my grandmother’s passion, it sparked my inspiration to create a blog so that I can share styles no matter the size with the world with a dose of southern charm!

I’m also celebrating a full year of pursuing the influencer world. Let’s face it there’s not a lot of people that look like “me” in the “social media influencer” world and I wanted to change that by sharing my outfits, how I style basics, and places where I shop with other as a plus size gal with a dose of inspiration and lifestyle tips in-between. I love fashion, but I also care about how clothing makes you feel and believe that to rock your outfit no matter your shape or size, you must first love yourself and put a smile on your face to complete your outfit.

One of the best things that I love about being an influencer is the COMMUNITY! I have met so many virtual friends who come from different backgrounds, races, and locations (some who I have also met IRL). I love hearing you guys stories, life hacks, reading your messages on Instagram, sharing your daily finds and styles, laughing, and cheering you guys on your own journey! It’s the best thing – there is no competition here and there is room for everyone at the table.

Most importantly, I love creating content that anyone can enjoy. From sharing the latest sale to reminding you to give yourself grace in the midst of a pandemic. I believe in positivity and inspiring others to be their best self and I hope that’s what you find when you read my blog post or scroll through my Instagram page. I hope you find hope and light. I hope you walk away feeling better than you did and I hope you always find inspiration. So this celebration is for you too- yes you! For joining me here on this journey, for subscribing, for following, to shopping my links, and sending me encouraging messages.

Below I’m sharing just a few fun facts about me and some of my favorite things about being an influencer/blogger:

  • I’m a Gemini
  • I love confetti (also my favorite emoji)
  • I see a therapist for my anxiety
  • I have a degree in Paralegal Studies and a Masters in Leadership with an HR Concentration
  • I really hate taking outfit photos in the middle of summer so dang hot and humid in MS
  • Most days I really don’t know what I’m doing but I vowed to just show up anyways
  • I work a full-time job at law firm as their Learning & Engagement Specialist
  • I used to work part-time at Sephora
  • I love Mexican food
  • I’m a huge Dance Mom fan
  • I recently became a plant mom during this pandemic
  • I’ve changed clothes in my car way too many times – haha
  • I don’t photoshop my photos (the only thing I photoshop are objects in the way and sweat off my face – Lol)
  • I love and miss college ministry
  • Favorite seasons are Fall and Winter
  • If I’m taking photos with a skirt or dress on I’m more than likely wearing Sephora’s Spray Tint on my legs or arms for an even “glow”
  • My first collaboration was with my local Loft store in Ridgeland – Bernice and the ladies of Loft really spoke into me and believed in me to really pursue being an influencer
  • Would be lost without Target
  • I’m subscribed to Good Housekeeping Magazine
  • My favorite brand collabs to work with are my local Loft stores and Cato’s
  • I take my own photos 90% of the time by using my handy dandy iphone tripod stand with a Bluetooth clicker
  • I love mascara and wear about 3-4 different mascaras to achieve my “lash” look
  • I love to people watch (but not in a creepy way) just seeing how others engage and communicate
  • …and lastly, I feel most fulfilled when I’m empowering others

Again, thank you for celebrating with me today! My heart is full and I’m super pumped about the next year, and the next! If we haven’t “virtually” met drop a comment below would love to say hey! While you’re here browse around to some of my most recent blog posts. Also, I would love if you would share my blog or IG page with your friends and family if you think they too would enjoy following along.

Here’s to many more years!



Nordstrom Anniversary 2020 Sale

Ahhh, it’s that time again the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I may have snagged a cardigan last year and a few beauty products that were too good to pass up on, but other than that I don’t get wrapped up in the hype that I need “all” the things. I do believe in shopping “smart” – meaning, if a cleanser that I use often is marked down – I’m buying it (speaking of, my favorite cleanser is included in the Nordy sale).

I don’t believe in pushing all the things to my followers pressuring them to buy it all and get a Nordstrom card to shop “early”. That’s why my blog post on the Nordstrom sale is late because I don’t want to pressure anyone to go into debt because of this sale. Plus, if you’ve been following along with me for awhile now or just know me in IRL, you know that I do love to shop, but I also love to shop sales and affordable practical pieces. I would totally rather spend my money on some basics that I can wear season after season, year after year, than a bright neon top that I will probably donate before the end of the year.

Now, I do love browsing any sales that any retailer puts on because a. I am a shopper at heart and love to find a good deal, and b. to see if I can recognize anything that may be actually cheaper elsewhere. Okay, enough of my “spill” and back to today’s blog post – today I’m sharing some affordable finds (a few splurge worthy ones too) and things that really did catch my eye. I wanted to do a variety so that no matter what you’re looking for – you may be able to find something for yourself here in this post. Check back to this post often throughout the sale because I will update it with products and links as we go along. Happy shopping, and don’t forget to shop #smart!

*please note that I am a member of Liketoknow.it and these links that you click and shop from will earn me a small commission at no cost to you. I appreciate you for choosing to shop my links!

From left to right: Leopard Long Sleeve Top, Tan Long Sleeve Cardigan, Stud Earrings, V-neck blue sweater, Quay Sunglasses, Long Cardigan with buttons, Pajama Set, Wireless Bra, Denim Jeans, Tan Mules
Quay Sunglasses
How fun is this Madewell Stripe Zip Top Crossbody Bag
Now the famous and popular Spanx Faux Leather Leggings are on my list! It’s available in regular and plus!
SPLURGE: Easy Throw-On Cashmere Ruana
Plus Item: Tie Back Long Sleeve Dress
Plus Item: Leopard Dress (Available in two additional prints)
Maya Mule (available in black too)
Bliss Plush Throw (available in tons of colors)
200 Thread Count Cotton Percale Sheet Set
UGG Whistler Throw Blanket

More home options on sale available here!

Tory Burch Zip Top Crossbody
SPLURGE: Great Fall Bag – Tory Burch Carson Leather Tote
SPLURGE: Kate Spade Large Florence Leather Shoulder Bag
Nordstrom Cubic Zirconia Pendant – $15!

H&M Finds

Sharing some H&M finds that will be perfect for the fall whether you’re working from home and conquering zoom calls, heading to the office, or back to school teaching. These finds will serve your wardrobe need! Gosh, can I just add everything to my cart? Happy Shopping! (note: if you’re viewing this on your mobile device – hold down the image to go to the direct link in a new window, and if you’re shopping from a computer, right click on the title link on the image to open in a new window) I’ve also linked these items in my Liketoknow.it app – click here and here!

Which piece is your favorite? I would love to know and agree right along with you! Share in the comments.

FYI – I partner with affiliate programs such as Liketoknow.it where commission may be earned based on your clicks and purchases. Affiliate links help me continue to fund free content on my blog and social media channels. I sincerely appreciate your support!

Anxiety Free Playlist

Hi Friends! Hope you’re holding on well during this pandemic. To be honest some days are fine, and other days are just plain hard. Emotions are all over the place at times. There are some days I’m drifting off thinking about the future filled with “what ifs”. If anything, I try to remind myself that “this too shall pass” and it takes a lot of Jesus talks, deep breaths, and mental and social breaks from the news and the media. The other day I ran across an old playlist titled “Peace Be Still” and ever since I’ve been listening to that playlist and it has calmed my anxieties so much and brings me in close to declaration of truth of the Gospel. I wanted to share my playlist with you with a hope and prayer that you will continue to cling to Jesus and let the lyrics of these worship songs swallow you up whole in the goodness of God! I must warn you that you may cry, smile really big, or dance to these songs but you will feel so much better.

“Peace Be Still” Playlist

(find and download these songs wherever you get your music)

I Belong Here – Davy Flowers

Peace Be Still – Lauren Daigle

So Will I – Hillsong United

This We Know – Passion

Bigger Than I Thought – Passion

Living Hope – Bethel Music

Jesus You Alone – Highlands Worship

Spirit Move – Bethel Music

Christ Is Enough – Hillsong

How Can It Be – Lauren Daigle

My Defense – Vertical Worship

Overcome – Elevation Worship

No Longer Slaves – Bethel Music

You Say  – Lauren Daigle

God With Us – All Sons and Daughters

O Come to the Alter – Elevation Worship

You Don’t Miss a Thing – Bethel Music

Do It Again – Elevation Worship

I Will Look Up – Elevation Worship

Your Promises – Elevation Worship

Grace to Grace – Hillsong Worship

Surrounded (Fight My Battles) – Michael W. Smith

I Belong to You – Bethel Music

Won’t Stop Now – Elevation Worship

Even When It Hurts – Hillsong United

Came to My Rescue – Chris McClarney

Forevermore – Futures

Reach for Me – Davy Flowers

Draw Near – Bethel Music

What a Beautiful Name (Orchestra Mix) – Hillsong

Better – Pat Barrett

Dancing On The Waves – We The Kingdom

I’ll Give Thanks – Housefires

The Best Is Yet To Come – North Point Worship

Good & Loved – Travis Greene

Nothing Else – Cody Carnes

Do you have a song that you cling to in tough times? Would love to know, please feel free to share in the comments.

Praying for you friend! xoxo

5 Things To Do This Weekend

Hi Friends! I don’t know about you but I’m so over #quarantine – who’s with me? I decided that I was going to create a weekend of things that bring me joy while still keeping socially distancing safe but still lifting my spirits.

  1. Hit the snooze button! If you can sleep in tomorrow, but prepare accordingly the night before. Let your household know your plan (unless you’re single like me then you skip this part..ha). Wear some super cute and comfy pjs. Grab a book or magazines and place them on your bedside table. Don’t forget the candles! That way the next morning you have everything you need at your fingertips. Wake up, fix yourself breakfast in bed, catch up a show or two, read your book or magazines and don’t forget to light your candles. Here is a link to my current read –“You Can’t Catch Me”.
  2. Go have yourself a manicure or pedicure – most salons are now open with limited capacities. Call beforehand or check their website to see if you can book an appointment. Wear your mask, and grab some lysol wipes and head to the salon – I’m totally doing this because my nails cannot take another week of not being cared for I went on for long enough! If you rather stay home – checkout these peel on nail strips that I LOVE when doing my nails at home. The brand is Dashing Diva and can be found at your local Target, Walmart, or Ulta!
  3. Get dressed! Yes, get dressed and go take yourself out for some lunch. Ask for a table outside and far from others dining in (which a few of the local places here in MS are already spreading out dining table). Be smart in picking a place to dine in – if you don’t feel comfortable there then don’t go in, find another place. Also, order takeout and bring it back home. Set the table or do a theme night and make it fun for you or for your household.
  4. Jump in the car and drive around town or a nearby town and do some sightseeing. Before you hit the road, stop by Sonic and pick up a drink for you to enjoy while site-seeing. Then take pictures of all the places you’ve stopped and post them!
  5. Make a list of friends or family members that you haven’t seen in a while, then stop by a local bakery and order curbside treats that you can drop off on the porch of your family and friends! They will love the surprise visit and treats and it will do your soul so good!

Do you have some other fun ideas that you or your family have done over the past couple of quarantine months? I would love to know so drop it in the comments. I hope you have the best joy-filled weekend! xoxo

Tips on Finding Your Style

It has literally taking me years to find what works and doesn’t work for me. Read below on how to find your unique style.

Probably the most question I get is.. “How do you find what works for you?”. Let me tell you it has taken me YEARS to find what I like and can count on, and in the process find confidence in what I wear. I’ve always been on the curvy side in my younger years and I had my clothes made or shopped from JcPenny’s husky clothing – Lol. As I got older I never thought about what I wore, I just wore what actually “fit” me and then just blew it out of the waters with accessories. I’m embarrassed to think of all the money I spent on chunky bracelets, necklaces, and rings it was crazy! My style back in the day was on the classic side because if you grew up in plus-size, you know that it was hard to find trendy cute clothing. Thank goodness the plus-size fashion industry has come a long way in providing fun trendy clothing! Below are a few throw-back photos of myself:

Fast forward, I would like to say I’m more fashion forward and value quality over quantity, comfort over “feeling constraint” in my styles. I love shopping for pieces that make me feel confident and put a smile on my face. I also know what prints and fabrics that don’t work well for me, so I stay away from those things. I use less accessories than I did back in the day. I love simple clean jewelry nothing over the top or too flashy. I stick with gold metal because it pairs so well with everything. I also follow the rule of before heading out the door, looking in the mirror, and removing one thing.

I would like to say my “style” has changed over the years. In my 20’s, I was more trendy and in a lot of t-shirts and jeans and leggings. Once I reached my 30’s I transitioned into a more #classic look with a handful of colorful trendy pieces thrown into the mix (I still keep my t-shirts and leggings though tehehe). I’m a total basics girl so I love a good pair of dark denim, black jeggings, and a handful of neutral tone color blouses and sweaters. With this mix I can easily create a month’s worth of outfits just with my classic and neutral pieces. I have a few bold and colorful pieces in my closet for special occasions, or for times when I’m feeling “extra”. Right now my lifestyle is working in a business casual setting so my closet is not filled with high heels and power suits, so my looks that I share are outfits that can take me to the office but also on a lunch date, or looks for the weekend.

Here are some tips to think about when finding your “style”

  • Get inspired, and get on Pinterest. Start pinning styles that you like or others who have a style that you feel would be something of your taste
  • Choose a few words that describe the vibe of the looks you picked/saved. Are the looks classic, modern, eclectic, bohemian, or trend-forward? Settle on a few that feel true to your style, and write them down, as they will help you clarify and define your look. My look is more classic with a mix of “trendy”.
  • Take a mirror selfie on those days where you feel the most stylish. Many times these outfits epitomize your personal style and can serve as inspiration for more outfits you can re-create.
  • Choose your go-to or most signature piece. You will notice that all fashionable women own a signature item or two that makes up their style identity. It can be a personalized jewelry piece or something as a pair of leopard shoes. My most used item in my closet are my black jeggings, I mean you can literally dress them up or down.
  • Take a play on your strengths! Think about things your wear that you get tons of compliments on whether it’s a style of dress you wear often or maybe it’s your collection of shoes. Use that as a way to determine your style.
  • What makes you smile when you put on something? Is it a certain style type of dress, or a color? Whatever it is, buy more of it and stick to the same or similar style. If you’re not happy when you’re wearing an outfit, you’re not going to feel confident or fashionable in your look, so make sure whatever you decide to wear – you feel great in it!
  • If you want to experiment, start simple and gradually layer on top of that style. For example, I love the bohemian look but I can never truly pull it off because it’s not my “look” but the days I want to try the bohemian look I may throw on a bohemian style kimono with my classic look and now I’m in my true authentic classic style but I added a little twist to it.
  • It’s normal that your style changes after a couple of years or so, because we’re all in different seasons. Your style should fit your current lifestyle.
  • Shop at retailers or local businesses that cater to your style the most! A few of mine are: Loft, Target, Old Navy, J.Crew, and Nordstrom.
  • You already have a great sense of style, you just need to embrace it, fresh it up a bit and just rock it – it goes back to confidence.

I hope my tips and encouragement have created the opportunity for you to observe your closet to determine what is your style or given you the push to re-vamp your style that will create the best and authentic version of yourself. Remember, no one is you’er than you – that’s your superpower! At the end of the day it comes down to confidence and a smile to complete your look. So of course if it doesn’t make you smile or feel confident, go back to the drawing board. Start small, and build on top of that, that’s the key to fining your style!

Showering confetti for you always!

Hello 33!

On June 8th I celebrated a birthday! Where are all of my Gemini’s? Whoop! Whoop!

It’s been a weird birthday, I mean in the midst of a pandemic, hurricane season, and our fight to end injustices in our country, it’s an overwhelming season. I am VERY grateful to see another year and if it means moving slowly right now, I will not complain.

I wanted to share a few tid bits I live by or have learned over the past year as I approached 33:

➕ I always like to reflect on the past year of all my wins and losses I experienced and use those losses as lessons and wins as sign of pushing forward

➕ I truly believe that we should celebrate every tiny victory – even if it looks like pulling yourself out of the bed when you don’t feel like it

➕ I was taught at a young age to treat everyone with kindness and respect and strive to follow that principle every day

➕ I firmly believe that God’s timing is the best timing

➕ Protect your peace and mental space at all costs 👏🏽

➕ Don’t fear mistakes, after all mistakes are lessons and you can learn from them

➕ Laugh as much as possible, even if it’s at yourself

➕ Drink your water, and invest in your skincare

➕ Some people may not like you for no reason at all – love them anyways

➕ If it makes you laugh, smile, or giggle, buy it

Here’s to #33! Thank you all for being so kind and being here with me in this space. I appreciate every single one of you! Also, if you have a birthday in June let me know below, I want to celebrate you! Happy Birthday!