Holiday Gift Guide (2019)

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The Holidays are amongst us friends! It’s also my favorite time of the year as well. This is my first ever Holiday gift guide! If you’ve ever received a gift from, you know that I’m a very practical and thoughtful gift giver (or at least I try). I tend to observe those who I’m gifting so that I can study not only their likes, but their needs as well. For example, my mom LOVES Chick-Fil-A chocolate milkshakes, like legit LOVES so in the past, I’ve gifted her Chick-Fil-A gift cards and inside the card, I note my heart for her and her heart for milkshakes. See? Gift giving does not mean a ton of money has to be spent, but going the extra mile and putting thought into a gift will really make a lasting impression on the receiving end. Below are some gift suggestions that I have personally purchased that have made fun and useful gifts for my tribe. Grab a cup of hot coca, pen and pad and let’s get to it. Keep scrolling for more guidance on each gift. How to shop? Click on the large image, or scroll down and click on each product name below. *Please note, I do receive a small commission when you shop using my affiliate links – thank you in advance for supporting my blog!

Monogram Necklace (Anthropologie) – if my gift receiver is a fashionista or wannabe fashionista, I most always gift a monogram necklace to them! Especially if it’s a friend who has recently gotten married, this makes a special gift.Not only do they love it, but it’s something that they reach for almost always.

Device Wipes (Well-Kept) – oh my goodness, I LOVE these wipes that I literally use on my devices, and glasses and they do not scratch or leave residue behind. They come in these cute packages and you can choose which design you want! I buy these all through out the year, but especially during Christmas for gift giving! People love these!! 

Journal (Anthropologie) – I’ve given journals to my friends and nieces! Again, anything monogrammed that you gift is a sure thoughtful gift to be used by all and of all ages! I also love to give journals to my friends at church or small-group. Anthropologie has the BEST journals that are not boring and crazy expensive. 

Bite Beauty Minis (Sephora) – you literally cannot go wrong with gifting these mini lip balms and masks! I’ve gifted these year after year, and those that received have almost always went to purchase the full-size because these lip balms are the best on the market (in my opinion). 

USB Port (Anthropologie) – let’s face it, everyone could use an extra USB port outlet!! For young or old, these make the perfect gift! I keep my extras in my purse, tote bag, at the office, and at home! 

Leopard Scarf (Nordstrom) – Scarfs are so easy to gift. When gifting try to stick to basic colors, and nothing out of the ordinary. Giving someone a random bright yellow scarf might not be as useful as giving them a solid black scarf that can be worn often. When giving printed scarves, try to stick to a leopard or plaid scarf, these prints are classic in most that all enjoy.  

Picture Frames (Anthropologie) – I love gifting (and receiving) simple and delicate picture frames. Add a photo of you and the person inside the frame, or if you’re giving it to a family member, add a family photo. When gifting a picture frame try to go for simple frames, nothing with large and overwhelming patterns or designs. Keeping it simple will ensure that the frame will be used and cherished.  

Fun Charger Cable Lights (American Eagle) – I love gifting fun little gadgets, useful gadgets that is such as fun charge cables. I fell in LOVE with these Christmas lights from American Eagle that can either be set to just shine bright, or twinkle. How fun would this be to gift to that friend who loves Christmas, and who can never be without her phone? 

Monogramed Coffee Mug (Anthropologie) – I love these mugs from Anthroplogie, not only do I purchase these as Christmas gifts, but also for birthday gifts, or for happies for friends! I love getting pictures from those I gifted this mug to expressing their love for their mugs!! 

Volcano Candle (Anthropologie) – Ok, this may be my absolute favorite thing on my list! Not only does volcano candles make great gifts, they also make great happies for (me) because I buy these candles pretty much on the regular. Not only do they smell great and not over powering, but they also come in a such a cute vase, you can just sit this candle anywhere without burning and you would still get the same great affect! 

Mini Emergency Kit (Sephora or Anthropologie) – I have one of these emergency kits in my purse right now, and you better believe that it gets a ton of use, especially when I’m out and about and find myself needing some aspirin, a nail file, some mouthwash, etc. This little kit will SAVE YOUR LIFE!! It even has nail polish remover wipes (LIFESAVER) when my nails suddenly become chipped and I’m embarrassed by them. Whoever receives this gift from you will LOVE YOU! 

Monogram Bracelet (Anthropologie) – I would rather gift a bracelet than a necklace, or earrings because everyone has their own personal taste, and rather me stress over what kind of jewelry should I get them, I go towards a simple bracelet. Gifting a bracelet with a monogram is even better and goes the extra mile of being thoughtful when gifting.  

Fresh Sugar Mini Lip Kit (Sephora) – Another favorite lip balm, FRESH! Just like the BITE set, Fresh is very highly comparable. You just can’t go wrong with gifting lip balms especially ones with clean ingredients. Young or old, everyone will enjoy this gift! 

I hope you enjoyed my TOP 13 gifts to give this Christmas! I really took my time in crafting this list, but I can admit that it wasn’t hard, because I buy these gifts all the time and everyone LOVES! I also want you to know that if “gifting” isn’t in your budget IT’S TOTALLY OKAY, write a handwritten note and add some homemade confetti, or make a fun “certificate” such as “use this for one coffee on me” to gift to your loved one, or friends. I’m telling you just the thought of you taking time to handwrite something or make something will go a LONG ways!! Whether you’re buying or handmaking do it all with love and I promise those that receive from you will cherish it!!  

Let me know you favorite gift in the comments, or which of my picks you’re considering to gift this Holiday season!! Xx  

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