Be Good To Yourself

My aunt told me recently to “Be Good to Yourself” and ever since that advice has stuck with me. Often times we can be so hard on ourselves and neglect being good to ourselves. We often make sure that everyone around us is taken care of before taking care of ourselves.

One way that I practice “self-care” is by taking one day off during the month from my full-time job, and having a “me” day. I do things that I enjoy, whether it’s enjoying a hot cup of coffee, curling up with a magazine, or strolling the aisles of Target – I make sure that I take time to unplug and reset. I used to feel guilty about doing this earlier in my career and it didn’t hit me until I started to feel the “burnout”.

This is my reminder to you to take a day just to yourself and practice being good to yourself. You are so worth it! You can’t fill the cup of others if you don’t first fill up your own cup. Many of you have kids or maybe a caregiver, and yes, finding a day to be completely by yourself is a challenge, but try carving out 30 mins to an hour once a week to just be “still”.

This year in 2023, I’m fighting for my peace at all costs!

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