Holidays at NorthPark Mall

Hi Friends! Last week I had the opportunity to stop by my local mall in the Jackson, MS area, NorthPark Mall off of County Line to browse my favorite stores to shop and to find some fun gift ideas for yall. Here’s a quick little video you can watch too. The mall has recently gone through major renovations over the past couple of years and it looks amazing! In this blog post, I’ll share some of the cool parts of the mall and some fun quick gift ideas you can pick up at the mall! Ready? Let’s go!

You will need to stop at the Holiday photo booth at NorthPark for a fun Winterland theme photo!

One of my favorite places to stop at NorthPark is Bath & Body Works, believe it or not, they have some of the best small gifts that you can give to teachers, co-workers, friends, etc. Some of my favorite things to gift to ladies at my church or co-workers is the hand foam soap, Kitchen Lemon because it’s a scent that most people love and it looks pretty sitting on the sink. Next, I love how Bath & Body has the cutest hand sanitizer holders for your to-go gel sanitizer or even for the spray bottle size! How fun would it be to gift this, or maybe pick up one for yourself as well! Lastly, I love the Aromatherapy line because all of the scents are so relaxing and perfect to add to a “self-care” basket that you can give to your mom, sister, or BFF!

One store that shocked me for gifts was the Buckle store on the 2nd floor of NorthPark! I’ve always pictured Buckle for their clothing and shoes, not fun gift items! They had some super cute items such as beanie hats, fragrance gifts, jewelry, and throw blankets. Blankets are a fun gift to give, I mean you can never have too many right? Add a special touch when it comes to gifting throw blankets by having them engraved for your gift recipient.

Did you know that NorthPark mall houses quite a few small businesses? For one, ABP boutique is located on the ground floor (near Belk) and it holds up 12 local small businesses ranging from clothing in all sizes, super cute fashion accessories, home and gifts, kids clothing, men’s clothing, and beauty items! I was so amazed by the talent from each of these individual businesses. Once your leave ABP and walk on down to the other end of the mall (right after you pass center court) you will see “Chic 4 Cheap” and they have some super cute on-trend clothing pieces and accessories! Great gift ideas from hats to jewelry! I literally wanted to gift myself all of the hats they had displayed!

If you’re planning a full shopping day make sure that you stop by the newly renovated food court! It’s absolutely beautiful! Some fun places to eat along with your favorites such as Chick-fil-A! The food court also has large tv-screens, charging stations for your phone, and a super fun interactive game for the kiddos!

There is also a family lounge located right off the food court (near JcPenny) on the ground floor! Take a break from the chaos and pop in to take a little rest or feed your little ones. I love that NorthPark created this space for families!

I headed over to Belk because they always have a wide variety of gifts in their aisles! From cool vintage-looking appliances to a wide range of small gifts that would be perfect for the beauty lovers you’re shopping for!

Belk at NorthPark is also where I shop for my dad and my uncles! They always have a sale on nice dress shirts and wallets! They also have a great range of items for your home or bar area!

If you want to take your shopping up a level head over to Dillard’s where you’ll find some festive apparel for all of your Holiday parties and NYE parties!

Dillard’s has all of your luxe gifting items such as Barefoot Dreams, your luxury brands, some vintage LV items, and lots of home gifts! I’m pretty sure you can knock everyone off your list with something from Dillards!

As you walk through NorthPark make sure you check out some of the cool murals that have been painted throughout!

If you want more BTS from my Holiday shopping trip at NorthPark head over to their Instagram page and check out their highlight, “Lelia’s Gift Guide”. It was a blast, and would love to hear your favorite stops at NorthPark!! Happy Holidays my friends!!

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