Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

Well my friends, the clock will strike midnight and we will welcome a New Year! I’m hopeful that 2021 will be better, and if it’s not better – I hope we’re all better in our own lives. 2020 was filled with lots of losses that we should count as lessons or blessings. For me it was full of unknowns, losses, lessons, a new normal, a new way of working, growing my blog, working with brands I’ve never would have dreamed of, lots of smiles, laughs, cooking, learning TikTok dances, growing plants, FaceTimes, lots of alone time, a few tears, a few sleepless nights, lots of prayer, lots of walks outside, journal entries, having hard conversations, and dreaming of the future! There were also lots of moments on how I could be a better friend, a better co-worker, a better daughter, a better resources to all of you. I really tried not to waste this year although it was thrown upside down. I’m ready to hug friends and family again, I’m ready to travel again, I’m ready to feel comfortable going out again and friends all of that will come again – we just need to continue to do our part to slow the spread.

I’m definitely grateful for the time I’ve had to work on my blog and get to know so many of you! It means the world that you choose to follow and subscribe to my blog and on my social media channels. I wish I could hug each and everyone of you!

So, as we step into 2021 I want you to take some moments to think of everything that happened in your own lives during 2020, and then look to 2021. I’m so excited that the New Year can bring new opportunities, new relationships, fresh wind and ideas, and just a chance to start over and crush new goals! Below are some questions that you can go through to to help think about your growth from this year and how to continue that growth into the New Year. I’m doing it too and it will be fun to look back on my answers as I go through the next year!

  • What did 2020 teach you?
  • What is one small thing that you can do to change your life? (for example, for me it was committing to walking 30 mins a day for at-least 3 days a week – because of that it has helped me shed some quarantine weight and helped lower my blood pressure #lifechange)
  • What do you need to practice doing more or less of in the New Year?
  • Have you practiced self-care in 2020? If not, how can you make sure that you practice self-care in 2021?
  • In the past 12 months, how have you grown? (celebrate the big and tiny victories)
  • How did, or do you plan to practice boundaries? (for me, I had to control what I allowed myself to watch, listen, or read. It could be limiting the amount of news you listen or watch in order to keep your anxiety down or removing toxic relationships out of your life)
  • Did you achieve any career milestones, if not, how can you achieve your career milestone in the New Year?
  • What were your 3 challenges this year? How did you overcome them?
  • How as the pandemic changed you, or your family?
  • Who can you thank before the New Year starts? or, thank in general?
  • What’s a skill that you learned in 2020 that you can take into 2021?, Or, what’s a skill you would like to learn in 2021?
  • What are you most excited about in 2021?

To end, I just want to say congrats on pushing through this tough year – especially a major kuddos to teachers, parents who had to be teachers, those who had to juggle a household, those who work on the front-line, and our healthcare heroes! Yall are the real MVP’s! I celebrate Y-O-U! Cue the confetti!

Wishing you peace, love and laughter in the New Year! God is good and because of his love joy that He brings me (and you too), I’m ready to dance into 2021 – let’s do this! xoxo

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