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When was the last time you actually just stopped for a moment? 2 years ago I would feel guilty whenever I had to say “no”, or take time off to just rest. I felt as though I was letting everyone around me down. It wasn’t until my therapist told me that I couldn’t pour into others if I wasn’t taking time to fill up my own cup. How can I show up for my friends, my family, my job, for you guys if I wasn’t taking care of myself? Many of you are moms, grandparents, aunts, sisters, friends who try to do it all, just like I try to do it all. You’re navigating a busy life, and household all during a pandemic. That deserves major kudos.

You live a busy life, it’s important to take time to yourself. Schedule time for yourself monthly!

I’m so honored to partner with REEDS Jewelers to share some beautiful jewelry pieces from their STOP collection which is a line of jewelry that is designed to be a reminder to stop and do something for yourself. Each piece was developed by women for women. Inspired by the belief of self-care. This line of jewelry is a subtle but strong daily reminder to put yourself first, if even for a few moments. If you take a close look at each piece you will see octagon silhouettes that reminds you of a stop sign.

“No one is you and that is your superpower”

We are officially in the Holiday season and what better way to celebrate YOU by placing this collection on your Santa Wishlist, better yet, treating yourself. This would also be a sweet time to gift a piece from this collection to your mom, grandmother, aunt, or your best friend. Women empower women, right? Either way I hope this is a reminder that you deserve to pause and think back on all that you have accomplished thus far! I’m all for celebrating every tiny victory and thanks to REEDS when I look down at the pieces I wear from the collection it will be my reminder to pause, breathe, and celebrate!

What better way to treat yourself than unwrapping something special from REEDS

I created a self-care routine for myself and I’ve never been happier. I am more comfortable saying “no” when I can not add anything else to my plate, or if it simply does not bring me joy. I know how to extend grace to myself when I drop the ball or when I don’t complete everything on my to-do list. I’m human, and you are too and it’s okay to say no, to sneak away to enjoy that piece of chocolate, it’s okay to take the long route home, to see a therapist to help you navigate the highs and low’s of life, it’s okay to reach out to your people and say help, it’s okay to take time for yourself, it’s okay to just pause.

I love grabbing coffee and having a few moments to just sit to myself. Sometimes I journal, sometimes I just sit in silence.

Shopping the collection is super easy! You can head to your nearest REEDS Jeweler store (don’t forget your mask) or shop from the comfort of your home by visiting their website here.

Will you join me on this journey of taking some moments to pause and celebrate the tiny victories? Here are a few ways that you practice a little self-care:

  • Take the long route home if you have some extra time (safely of course)
  • Have day dates with yourself
  • Take a long bath and put on a face mask, and light some candles
  • Buy the flowers and the cake for yourself and enjoy it over a movie
  • Mediate and breathe
  • Sit in silence, if you have kids, maybe get up a few min before they wake up or after they’re in bed
  • Take a walk
  • Sit by a lake and journal (or in your backyard)
  • Watch your favorite movie -uninterrupted!
  • Count your blessings!
I love buying myself some flowers and do so a couple times a month!

Here are the pieces that I fell in love with and enjoy wearing!

Many thanks to REEDS jewelers for sponsoring today’s blog post!

Don’t forget to treat yourself!

One thought on “STOP Jewelry Collection at REEDS

  1. Love this post! Nice to know that this collection was designed by women for women. The octagon design is so chic. I will be keeping these pieces in mind when shopping for the special ladies in my life and likely for myself too☺️

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