Hello 33!

On June 8th I celebrated a birthday! Where are all of my Gemini’s? Whoop! Whoop!

It’s been a weird birthday, I mean in the midst of a pandemic, hurricane season, and our fight to end injustices in our country, it’s an overwhelming season. I am VERY grateful to see another year and if it means moving slowly right now, I will not complain.

I wanted to share a few tid bits I live by or have learned over the past year as I approached 33:

➕ I always like to reflect on the past year of all my wins and losses I experienced and use those losses as lessons and wins as sign of pushing forward

➕ I truly believe that we should celebrate every tiny victory – even if it looks like pulling yourself out of the bed when you don’t feel like it

➕ I was taught at a young age to treat everyone with kindness and respect and strive to follow that principle every day

➕ I firmly believe that God’s timing is the best timing

➕ Protect your peace and mental space at all costs 👏🏽

➕ Don’t fear mistakes, after all mistakes are lessons and you can learn from them

➕ Laugh as much as possible, even if it’s at yourself

➕ Drink your water, and invest in your skincare

➕ Some people may not like you for no reason at all – love them anyways

➕ If it makes you laugh, smile, or giggle, buy it

Here’s to #33! Thank you all for being so kind and being here with me in this space. I appreciate every single one of you! Also, if you have a birthday in June let me know below, I want to celebrate you! Happy Birthday!

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