Mother’s Day Gift Guide for The Leading Lady in Your Life!

Me & My Mommy!

Mother’s Day is literally right around the corner and I’m so late into the game of getting this gift guide out to yall. You would think all this time in the house I would be so organized, and yall I’m just not. Haha and that’s okay too. I hope that you can think of this guide not only for your mom, but for that leading lady in your life whether it’s a gift for your grandmother, aunt, sister, or best friend. Also, when purchasing gifts be intentional in your “gifting”. Add a personal touch to your gift whether it’s through a handwritten note, or a handmade gift bag. If you don’t have much to spend, that’s okay too. Most things from the heart are some of the very best gifts to give! For example, my mom LOVES Chick-Fil-A milkshakes and the best gift I’ve ever gotten for her has been a $5-$10 gift card to Chick-Fil-A and a handwritten note expressing that I love her more than chocolate milkshakes. See? A personal touch always gives that special gift an extra special touch.

Luckily all stores will ship, and you can also purchase gift cards virtually too! Just remember you can still add your personal touch by uploading pictures and still writing meaningful messages virtually. Ok, what you’ve all been waiting for THE GIFT GUIDE! Let’s go.

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Monogram Necklace – I love anything monogrammed, maybe it’s the southern in me – haha, but it’s an easy and thoughtful gift to give. Because it is a gift, make sure that you keep it simple, classic, and chic.

Anthropologie has some really nice simple and sleek monogram necklaces I’m sure that the leading lady in your life will really enjoy. They will reach for this time and time again.

Journals – Journal’s are nice for the ones who enjoy writing or journaling. For the leading lady that loves to keep a journal by her bedside to write her thoughts or scriptures down this would be perfect. Go an extra mile and have journals monogrammed or engraved.

Picture Frames – I love gifting (and receiving) simple and delicate picture frames. Add a photo of you and the leading lady in your life inside the frame. When gifting a picture frame try to go for simple frames, nothing with large and overwhelming patterns or designs. Keeping it simple will ensure that the frame will be used and cherished.  Again, here is your chance to make this as special as you want this gift to be.

Lipstick Holder – Oh my goodness, I just about died a little when I saw this cute little lipstick holder from Anthroplogie. They also come in a few other sizes. How cute would this be on the vanity? Your mom can have her favorite lipsticks displayed in her room or bathroom on this cute holder.

Coffee/Tea Mugs – Who doesn’t love a nice coffee/tea mug? I’ve even seen some display their mugs in a cabinet. I love those that are different and chic. I always rely on Anthroplogie for a new mug. They make great gifts for those who are coffee/tea lovers. Go the extra mile and drop some tea bags, or a gift card to Starbucks inside the mug to make the present extra thoughtful. Even a nice travel mug would be thoughtful!

For the cooking ladies, gifting some nice bowls are a win! I have gifted these bowls a few times and the recipients have always loved and still use them today. I must admit I may have a couple of these in my cabinet I love how fun and affordable these bowls are.

Throws! As I’m writing this post, we’re in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic so many of us are at home for days, weeks at a time. Why not gift a beautiful and cozy throw as a way to say “Hey, I miss you and thinking of you”. How special would that gift be to the leading lady in your life?

Kimonos! Kimonos are so fun to gift! Especially if they’re a fashionista. Most if not all kimonos come in a size that fits everyone. It will put a smile on anyone’s face to receive a new kimono from someone they love!

Below are some other fun and neat gifts to give!

I hope you enjoyed these gift ideas, and hope they inspire you as you shop and gift these to the leading lady in your life. Again, if it comes from the heart it will be well received. Below are some local shops that also have some great gifts, check em out!

Have a great time celebrating on Mother’s Day friends! xoxo

P.s. each time you shop with my links I earn a small commission, as always I thank and appreciate you for supporting my passion through this blog!

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