Protecting Your Mental Space

In the chaos of everything, I pray you’re well as as your family. Take a moment to ready 5 ways to protect your mental space.

With the chaos of everything going on, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed or fearful of what’s to come. I do believe that this is a time for us all to reevaluate our priorities and to consider using this time for rest, home projects, quality family time in homes, etc. As someone who has and continues to walk through anxiety, I wanted to share 5 tips in protecting your “mental space”. These are what help me, but may not necessarily help you – everyone is different and that’s okay. After you read this post in the comments below feel free to share a tip or two you lean on when you experience anxiety.

1.Limit watching or reading the news, even bowing out gracefully of conversations that overwhelm you. It’s okay to know the facts, but be mindful of your head space.

2. Set aside some quiet time 10-20 to just breathe, and meditate -DAILY

3. Turn your attention to things you can control right in front of you – do things that bring you joy or provide peace in your space such as lighting a candle

4. Ask for help, or guidance to get through – for me, praying helps bring me back (none of this is an accident to Christ, He knows and holds the future) I choose to rest in that and in Him

5. Last but not least, find a reason to just LAUGH – pull up a funny video, text some memes to your friends, be silly, laugh at yourself.

I hope one or all of these tips help you in the days or weeks to come. I hope you’ll choose to come back here to find light & joy! I’ll continue to share styles, sales, and inspiration totally NOT forgetting what’s happening around us. Let’s pray for our health professionals – they need our support and prayers. Check on your family, neighbors, and friends. Support local businesses by utilizing their curbside, and delivery services. There are SO many ways WE can help and get through this uncomfortable time together. Remain calm & breathe! I’m in this with you babe! 😘

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