Where My Single Ladies?

Can you believe I use to dread Valentine’s Day? I definitely don’t hate it anymore. I’m as single as they come and if I’m being honest, I’ve never been in a relationship. like ever. I use to think it was because I wasn’t skinny enough or pretty enough, but I know those are all lies and I hate that it took me years to figure that out. I KNOW MY WORTH. I remember telling my friends that when I turn 30 I was going to consider checking myself into a nunnery, but here I am at 32 and my friends are still telling me to give it one more year.

It doesn’t help that I live in the south and I should be married with 2-3 kids right now. I’m telling you when I graduated undergrad in 2013, pretty much half my class was engaged or right on the brink of being engaged. Talk about frustrating!!

I’ve learned to embrace this season of “singleness” and know that God’s timing is the perfect timing, but I’m still human and struggle with being “alone”. I use to question God with “when is my time”. Ironically God fills my schedule with things to keep me busy and in that I’ve learned to practice self-care, work on my goals, and do the things that I love like growing my community here and working in my church. Knowing that if I were married, I couldn’t focus my attention on all the things I’m doing now. That will be a new season filled with new things that will need my attention.

…and Ya know, if it happens, it happens, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. What I do know is that I don’t have to be in a relationship to do all the things or to feel loved – I can do all the things and I have a tribe that loves on me. To get through the “month of love” on a positive note I mail handmade Valentine’s Day cards with CONFETTI to friends, because Valentine’s Day is not all about loving on your spouse, significant other – its loving everyone around you no matter what (and eating all the candy)!

So chin up buttercup and let’s paint our lives in red and pink, and do all things in LOVE! P.s. buy your own flowers, take yourself out to eat, buy yourself some jewelry, and be dressed up while doing it! Because fast forward you’ll be wishing you embraced this season a little bit more.

God has so much instore for you and He has the perfect guy for you (and for me) out there and when He feels as though we’re ready, He’ll reveal our soulmates to us at the perfect time. I like to think that I haven’t been in a relationship because God is saving me from a heartbreak and ya know what? I’m okay with that because He’s a good good Father!

2 thoughts on “Where My Single Ladies?

  1. You are doing amazing things! I am so happy you aren’t letting something like your relationship status hold you back!


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