The Holiday Season

As we approach the Holiday season and the closing of 2019, I wanted to hop on to share my thoughts and opinions on this time of year. For me the Holiday season is my FAVORITE time of the year, but it also brings some sadness as I have lost loved ones and friends, and their not here to celebrate. I also know and remember that this time of year is very hard for so many of my friends, and family who’ve also experienced loss. To be honest, I have my moments where I grieve the loss of my grandparents because they were a HUGE part of my Holiday celebration through family gatherings. I also know that they too loved the Holidays just as much as me, and so I have the chance to carryout their legacy and make the Holidays fun for my family.

It’s just something about the Holidays that puts an extra pep in my step, especially if it’s super cold too (I’m a Mississippi girl, but I love the cold/snow). I love the hustle and bustle that seems to come from this time year, from busy stores, to even at work as we prepare for year-end projects and events. I love gift-giving, and large gatherings, and seeing old faces come around during this time. It truly is the best time of the year. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize you don’t need the biggest tree in your home, nor do you need to spend TONS of money on gifts. What matters most is the time spent with family and friends, and of course yummy winter-y foods. I love going to church to hear and sing Christmas songs, seeing all the pretty Christmas decor, listening to encouraging sermons on the real meaning of Christmas, and seeing little kids in their fancy outfits. I love seeing fireplaces burn, Christmas candles lit, Christmas lights twinkling on every corner, and Hallmark/Lifetime movies. All of these things puts a huge smile on my face.

I love to see strangers be kind to each other, seeing acts of service of people volunteering at local kitchen communities and shelters. I too love serving in any capacity I can whether it’s stuffing a box, Christmas caroling, or taking someone something warm to eat or drink. I love sending Holiday cards, and handwriting notes on the back to mail to my loved ones and friends to receive. All of these things cost little to nothing to do. When it comes to gift giving for my family and friends, I aim to be very practical in my giving. I observe the needs and wants from them so that I can give the best practical gift to avoid just “accumulating” stuff, or the idea of giving a gift, just to give a gift (if you know what I mean). I encourage you to really think about your gift-giving this year, and put some thought into your gift. For example, my mom LOVES Chick-Fil-A chocolate milkshakes, so more than likely her gift will be a gift-card to Chick-Fil-A with a note from me about my love for her as my mom, and that I love her just like she loves her milkshakes. See? Practical gift-giving can be so fun but also very special.

Lastly, because someone close to you may be having a difficult time this Holiday season, know that the most important thing that you can give is time. Take them their favorite coffee or meal and sit with them for awhile. Give encouragement, let them vent to you, give hugs, take a small plant, or write them a letter to let them know that you are thinking of them during this Holiday season. I get it, life is hard, and sometimes some seasons can be very uncomfortable, but what we can do to combat life, is to be a light to the world for all to see. Not only will it heal your sadness, but you will be helping to heal someone else’s sadness. God has equipped you for everything you could ever need, lean on Him during this Holiday season, the new year, and the days to come my friend. Trust the magic of the Holiday season and new beginnings Xoxo

Would love to hear your thoughts on the Holiday season, or your plans to make it a thoughtful time below in the comments!

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