Demand Attention!

Do you demand attention? You should! You have the power in you to demand attention when you walk into a room, at work when you’re giving a presentation, etc.

You have a voice, use it! Its hard to demand that attention when you lack confidence in yourself, and I admit I STRUGGLE in this as I work in a corporate field. But when you have confidence in yourself, and you know your worth – your presence should demand the attention of others in the room. Not in a obnoxious way, but your presence is valuable, and you are worth it! No time to hold back, or let your thoughts and ideas be overlooked by others! So I’m challenging you, (and me) to walk into your confidence when it comes to demanding the attention you deserve, or voicing your ideas or concerns in a positive tone when needed. The world needs more confident and strong women to be seen and heard! It may take a couple trial and errors, but each time you stand up for yourself it’ll get easier and easier. P.s. You got this babe!

I love this dress, but I also love the name of it, “demand attention” because this dress is an “attention grabber” and it’ll remind me every-time I wear it – to demand attention. ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿพ

You’ll love this dress and all the things over at Paisley Grace Boutique! They offer such on trend pieces at the best prices and offer sizes up to 3x! Here’s the link to this dress, Demand Attention.

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