6 Fun facts about Me!

I’ve shared some fun facts about me over on Instagram, and Facebook so I wanted to share here on the blog in more “detail” about my fun facts! You’ll have to be sure to let me know if we share the same facts – so be sure to comment below!

  • I LOVE to dance but I have ZERO rhythm! My friends talk about me all the time because there is no shame in my dancing skills, and if there is good music playing – oh, I’m dancing!
  • I’m a HUGE Dance Moms Fan! Like it’s legit my guilty pleasure. I’ve been watching it for years, and I will still binge watch old episodes on the weekends with no shame. Maybe I’m a fan because I grew up in tap and ballet, but my mom wasn’t a crazy dance mom. Lol I love watching the dance routines and looking for technique skills. I love the drama and my favorite line from Abby Lee Miller is “save your tears for the pillow, sweetheart”.
  • I listen to Christmas music year-round. Yep, you read that right – it’s always Christmas wherever I am. It could be soft Christmas jazz music or the full blown out “Last Christmas” belting loudly in the car or at my apartment. Christmas is my favorite, so to my future hubby (where ever he is) get ready because our wedding will totally be held in December.
  • I’m a really picky eater! Like, BAD! I don’t like mayo, ranch, sour cream, cream cheese, those funny salad dressings that are not Italian (ps I love OLIVE GARDEN’S salad dressing and buy it by the bottle). I don’t do office potlucks at all, I only eat my moms or my sisters chicken salad (but I cannot watch them make it and add mayo). I like to try new foods, but I have to ask what’s in it before I try it.
  • I participated in High School choir, and competition choral choir at my local community college. I love every aspect of the choral area from technique to song selections. I was first soprano back in the day, but more in between soprano/alto now.
  • I’m a 2 on the Ennegram chart – which is “The Helper” and if you know me it shows daily in my actions. If you’re interested in finding out your ennegram type, click here. I would love to know what you’re number is!

Ok, folks that’s it! I’ll share some more fun facts later, so be sure you’re subscribed to be in the loop on all my postings! Thanks for reading, friend! Have a great day! xx

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