About Me

My name is Nicole, I live in Jackson, MS, 32, work at a law firm in the field of Human Resources as the firm’s Employee Engagement Specialist. I love people, and working in HR allows me to connect and engage with people. I have an undergrad degree in Paralegal Studies and a masters degree in Leadership with an HR concentration. I also most recently received my SHRM-CP (Society of Human Resources Management) certification in July 2019.

When I’m not working or serving at my local church, you can find me here at Lelia’s! My late grandmother, Lelia loved shopping and making people feel at “home”. Because of my grandmothers heart for shopping and loving on others her spirit has inspired me to continue to do the same!

I love a good deal, and I love unique findings so you will always find posted the latest sale somewhere! I also love empowering women to be there best self. Growing up I struggled with my self-esteem (and later anxiety) and walked through that journey for many years alone because I was too scared to speak up. I finally spoke up and got some help through therapy and medication. SN: If you’re walking through the same just know sweet beautiful friend, I get it and I’m here for you!

I hope you continue to follow me on this journey of fashion and inspiration! To those who have been following and supporting me from day one, THANK YOU! To those who have just joined, WELCOME!

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